Congress accuses BJP of money laundering through “mega Bitcoin scam,” BJP strikes back!

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July 6, 2018 by
Congress accuses BJP of money laundering through “mega Bitcoin scam,” BJP strikes back!

The Indian National Congress (INC) has actually implicated the ruling celebration (BJP) of being involved in a “mega Bitcoin fraud.” According to Hindustan Times, they have actually affirmed that the BJP has actually coordinated a Bitcoin rip-off well worth over 5000 crores! Congress representative, Shaktisinh Gohil, claimed that Gujarat Police has actually uncovered this fraud and also the state’s leading BJP leadership was involved. He even more specified that these leaders were converting black loan by means of hawala purchases.
Previously, 13 BJP MLA’s from the state of UP had asserted to have actually gotten threats by means of WhatsApp messages. They affirmed that they were being obtained and asked to down payment 10 lakh into a Bitcoin account.

Talking with press reporters about the supposed scam, Gohil said,

” There were reports of the state police blackmailing some businessmen in Surat for extortion as well as named a previous BJP legislator as one of the kingpins.”

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He even called the Head of state of the Bharatiya Janata Party, Amit Shah. He said,

” As the BJP is scrambling for solution to explain how Ahmedabad District Cooperative Financial institution, whose supervisor is BJP principal Amit Shah, got old money worth ~ 745.58 crores in just 5 days and also exactly how ~ 3118.51 crores was transferred in 11 district co-operative financial institutions linked with BJP leaders in Gujarat itself, a brand-new ‘huge bitcoin fraud’ worth greater than Rs 5,000 crore has been unwinded in the state.”
According to Gohil, the demonetization carried out by the current government was a ploy to hide their cash laundering. He alleges that both demonetization as well as this Bitcoin rip-off was to convert their black loan right into white. He further added,

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” We require an impartial Supreme Court-monitored judicial investigation in this puzzle of ‘huge bitcoin rip-off’ to ensure that the fact appears.”

The BJP, on the other hand, dismissed these accusations considering them absurd. Anil Baluni, the spokesperson for BJP, claimed these claims by the INC were laughable. Speaking about the claims, he claimed it couldn’t obtain more regrettable than this as Gujarat Police had actually cracked the instance. He further included that the cops had taken action against numerous people associated with the instance.
The BJP speaker stated,

” The dirty tricks department of the Congress is at work to spread out confusion and also lies. It is blaming the cops, which has revealed the case. I wonder if the Congress is trying to assist someone in this situation as part of a conspiracy.”

India and cryptocurrency share a rocky partnership. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has issued a ban on cryptocurrency trading. And following that they issued an order directing financial institutions to quit providing solutions to crypto exchanges and investors. The Indian crypto area appealed to the High court to grant a stay versus the RBI’s ban on cryptocurrency. However this was to no avail, as the Supreme Court chose not to stay the RBI’s ban. Now it seems crypto exchanges and also investors are back to square one, without financial institution prepared to offer solutions!

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