Roger Ver gives $100 Bitcoin Cash to South Korea governor; Is he boosting BCH over Bitcoin?

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Roger Ver gives $100 Bitcoin Cash to South Korea governor; Is he boosting BCH over Bitcoin?

Roger Ver has actually recently sent out Won Hee-ryong, the guv of Jeju Island of South Korea $100 well worth of Bitcoin Cash money at a public event. The fascinating turn of occasion happened during Ver’s recent check out to the Jeju Island.

Why Roger Ver gave the $100 worth Bitcoin Cash?

As reported by CCN, Ver, who is the globe’s first investor in Bitcoin start-ups, was seeing the island to go to an occasion where he recommended cryptocurrencies & discussed the advantages of cryptocurrencies and also the future of the blockchain sector with the South Oriental politician.

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In order to verify the capacity of cryptocurrencies, the investor of Bitcoin startups like,,, BitPay, Sea Serpent and also, sent the amount to the governor as well as his partners.

The governor’s opinion

Won Hee-ryon, that participated in the cryptocurrency meeting, has actually publicly acknowleged his interested of obtaining the nation associated with crypto-related companies.

The biggest island off the coast of the Korean Peninsula – Jeju Island, has actually been attempting to adopt cryptocurrencies in order to develop a friendly community for cryptocurrency businesses. Increasing the exact same, the government of Jeju Island has said that it is considering to drop the preliminary coin offering (ICO) restriction on residential start-ups that would let local companies with token sales within the Jeju Island.

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Ver’s gesture in South Korea climbed lawful problems, based on the Kim Yeong-Ran guideline that forbids sending payment to the governor. Nevertheless, the Governor came forward and also stated that this incident is an exception as well as no legal action will be taken.

Ver’s apparent Bitcoin Cash [BCH] boost

Ver on 3rd August, stated: “BCH is Bitcoin” in among its Twitter messages. The $100 worth Bitcoin Cash contribution to the governor likewise can be found in simultaneously. From these back to back events, it could be hypothesized that the Bitcoin enthusiast could be moving his emphasis to Bitcoin Money.

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